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A beautifully handcrafted Belgian chocolate slab, which will be made to order, and includes the following: A hand piped white Belgian chocolate image, which has been digitally created as per your order; your choice of Belgian chocolate base (milk, white or dark) in either a standard, medium or large size; handmade coloured white Belgian chocolate shaped pieces (baby themed shapes and hearts); chocolate beans, crispy chocolate balls, sprinkles, and your choice of optional topping (see option list below).


Please note the topping colours may vary from product pictures dependant on availability of stock.


Please allow up to 7 working days for products to be dispatched PLUS shipping times thereafter.


Due to manufacturing methods, sadly we cannot cater for any allergies, intolerances or vegan dietary requirements (please see below re suitability for vegetarians). We are more than happy to remove a particular standard topping (sprinkles/chocolate beans/chocolate balls) due to personal taste.


You decide if you would like the colouring to be blue, pink or neutral.


The Design


As standard this chosen design consists of a cream background with a letter of your choice, a floral Peter Rabbit illustration, and your wording. 


Please see information below regarding what kind of text/message can be included with this design.


What is included on this item?


All slabs will include the following:


1. Belgian Chocolate Base - Your choice of either:

  • Milk (37.3% cocoa solids) Belgian Chocolate
  • White (28% cocoa solids) Belgian Chocolate
  • Dark (60.4% cocoa solids) Belgian Chocolate


2. Slab Size:

  • Standard – Rectangular – 160g Approx. L: 155mm, W: 75mm, H: 25mm
  • Medium (Circular) – 400g Approx. Diameter: 457mm (18 inches), H: 25mm
  • Large – Rectangular – 600g Approx. L: 254mm, W: 152mm, H: 25mm

For reference please see image which contains 3 slabs showing the difference in size for each size available.


3. Topping Choice:

  • Maltesers
  • Aero Bubble Peppermint
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis Milk
  • Munchies
  • Haribo Heartthrobs
  • Fudge Pieces

4. Sprinkles – 100s & 1000s sprinkles - either in pink, blue or neutral colours;

5. Chocolate balls – White crispy chocolate balls;

6. Baby Shapes & Hearts shaped white Belgian chocolate pieces in either neutral, pink or blue colours; and

7. A fully edible white Belgian chocolate image of the above design made to your request, including your personalised photograph of the recipient.


How does this item come wrapped?


Each item will come wrapped in a food safe cellophane wrapper, a CocoAimes logo sticker and full ingredient and allergen label to the back of the product.


How can I personalise the text on my ChocCard?


To complete this design we require you to confirm:


1. What letter to use for the image - any letter is fine;

2. The name/gender etc for the golden italic writing;

3. And your own personal short message - this is can be your own words, the baby's birth/due date or anything you would like for us to put here.

You can add the recipient's name(s), age, date of birth, and/or a short, personalised message. Just confirm the text you would like shown on the slab in the box above when adding your item to the cart. Adding your own message is optional - please leave the text box blank if you do not want any further text on the product.




Please be clear in your instructions and we will try to follow your directions as best we can. We will email you if we are unclear to clarify your message. We will always try to keep your wording as you instruct us to do so, but on some occasions, we may switch/separate it slightly to ensure it fits within the design as best as possible.


If you are selecting the standard size slab, please keep the extra wording relatively short due to the surface space available. The longer the message, the smaller the font will need to be to fit everything onto the design. If you select the medium or large size slab you will be able to add more wording more comfortably.


You are welcome to use swear words/be as sentimental/rude as you like/use emojis. This is your opportunity to say how you feel with chocolate.


Use of Personal Photographs within this ChocCard design:


No personal photographs can be used on this particular design.

Peter Rabbit Letter Name

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